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Foodies Arena

Step into the heart of culinary creativity and collaborative innovation at Foodies Arena, where the fusion of workspace and culinary expertise ignites boundless possibilities. Foodies Arena's sprawling complex boasts five fully-equipped kitchen units, a captivating show kitchen, and a semi-professional kitchen, providing a vibrant backdrop for entrepreneurs and freelancers alike to thrive.

Co-founder Rebecca Hucks champions our inclusive ethos, welcoming individuals from diverse industries to come together and foster enriching cross-pollination of ideas. Flexibility is at the core of our ethos, with a range of workstations and private offices available to cater to every professional need. But beyond the workspace, we're committed to promoting holistic wellbeing.

Healthy eating takes center stage with fresh fruit and nutritious treats readily available, while our innovative conference table doubles as a ping pong arena for energizing breaks. For those seeking a more active lifestyle, treadmills and a running track encircling the kitchen areas offer opportunities to stay fit while on the go.

Complementing our dedication to both design and wellness, the choice of HÅG Capisco Puls chairs from Dieto Meubelen perfectly embodies our philosophy. These ergonomic marvels not only enhance comfort but also adapt seamlessly to various workstations, thanks to their HÅG in Balance technology. Rebecca emphasizes their versatility, praising their ability to blend effortlessly into our dynamic environment.

At Foodies Arena, creativity knows no bounds, and collaboration thrives in an atmosphere where innovation and wellbeing intersect harmoniously.

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