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D'Jazz Music School Indonesia

Step into the rhythm of comfort and style with D'Jazz Music School Indonesia's newly revamped spaces, courtesy of our collaboration. From the pulsating beat of the office to the harmonious melodies of the auditorium, our range of meticulously crafted seating solutions ensures every note is perfectly played. For the workstation, our Hållning A350 HLS Chairs provide ergonomic support, while the director's office boasts elegance with the Håg Sofi Mesh Chair.

Elevating meetings to new heights is our adjustable HST Meeting Table, accompanied by the adjustable Håg Futu Chairs.

In the classrooms, students find inspiration in the ergonomic design of our RBM Ana Chairs, while relaxation beckons in the form of the Elect and Pebbles Lounge Chairs.

And for the grand crescendo, our RBM Ana Chairs in custom black and blue hues adorn the auditorium, creating a symphony of comfort and aesthetics perfect for both performance halls and places of worship. Let the music of seating excellence resound throughout D'Jazz Music School's halls.

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