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Pioneering in Real Ergonomics.

As Humans are made to move, Hållning provides you with selections of ergonomic chairs that allow you to be more healthy, active and productive throughout your everyday work-life. With the Advanced Ergonomic Mechanism, our chair allows us to perform an effortless movement, working with both movement and variations that enable us to sit upright and more relaxed.

Working from home? – Tips for a healthier mind and productive workspace

In the era where the pandemic is making social isolation a new normal, it is highly recommended for us to remain at home and work from home. Though many find it boring, here are some hacks that will help make working at home more enjoyable. 

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Create an ergonomic workspace with us.

In regards where working from home is strongly recommended, it is best to avoid working in your bed or sitting on your couch for too long as this will generate the risk of having back pain and bad posture in the near future. Find a dedicated room or place to work and get yourself an ergonomic workstation. Invest yourself in one of our sit-stand desks that will allow you to alter between sitting and standing while working. Combine with our range of ergonomic chairs of your choice that will support your everyday work when sitting.

Working from home can sometimes be very quiet, boring or even noisy. Getting yourself a good speaker can help in lifting up your mood and focus. With the latest technology from various streaming apps; such as spotify & apple music, you can make your own working playlist or just simply find it online. Follow us on Spotify for new monthly music content.



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