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A Good Posture must begin from a young age.

As Children like to do one thing with preference: they grow. Neither regularly nor do you know exactly when these changes will stop. This is to the distress of the parents, concerning clothes and furniture, which are usually not able to grow. But do not worry. We got it covered. Introducing you to: “Your Children's Companion  For More Than 15 Years!”

5 Things you should know before buying a furniture for your children.

In the crowded market of products claiming to be "Ergonomic" or "Safe for children," it becomes crucial to discern the genuine from the superficial. Here are five essential factors to contemplate before selecting and investing in furniture for your children, and here's why "moll" stands out as the optimal choice.

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Why Moll?

1. Real Ergonomics

moll is health - and promotes healthy growth

Ergonomic furniture takes on an important function: It promotes healthy development. Ergonomics is about more than comfort.​ Because children grow up to 3 inches a year, furniture that grows with the child is in high demand with parents. But just the height adjustment option on a desk or chair does not make an ergonomically appropriate study or writing area for children.


This is why we invent furniture that are fully adjustable and safe. Not only that it grows with children, physically but also psychologically, mentally and their well-being.

2. Made In Germany

“Made in Germany, since 1925” - not product of germany or designed in germany!



Made in Germany — at moll, that’s not an advertising slogan, but a reality. All moll desks are produced and assembled in Gruibingen, at the foot of Germany’s Swabian Alps. And development and refinement of new products and the existing range also takes place in our own development department in close cooperation with quality management. moll employs the best technicians, engineers and developers to produce high-quality products.


Our focus on quality, sustainability and safety guarantees that we will remain a reliable partner for a wide range of functional furniture even in the future.


Thanks to their longstanding reputation, our products carry the “Made in Germany” seal. It not only provides a great trust advantage among our international customers, but also stands for technical and design innovation. Lastly, we are the inventor of the height-adjustable desk that grows with the child.

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3. Safety

moll is safety - child friendly

Technical and health safety are indispensable in children’s furniture. That is why we subject ourselves to high standards and have our products continuously inspected and tested for technical and health safety by leading independent institutes.


Child-friendly, Especially in toys and children’s furniture, there are often wolves hiding among the sheep. Often, the formaldehyde limits are exceeded, even though in excessive concentrations, formaldehyde can irritate eyes and mucous membranes. To ensure that children’s health is not threatened, we use only desktops with the highest certification. Moreover, we seal all edges and surfaces to keep the formaldehyde values to a minimum. All edges are also rounded to prevent injuries.


Product safety — guaranteed

The independent TÜV Rheinland institute checks our products for technical safety. This ensures safe functionality in our products.

The GS symbol was introduced in Germany in 1977 and is Europe’s leading safety seal. It ensures consumer protection and determines that consumer products meet all legal safety requirements demanded by the German product safety act. Independent experts inspect many product features, including ergonomics and chemical analysis of polymer materials affecting the products tested.

The law calls for regular testing of certified products. This guarantees continuous inspection of the products and production.  The GS symbol requires very high standards that exceed the basic requirements for the CE symbol.

The GS symbol guarantees that our products are technically and mechanically impeccable.

The Blue Angel — seal for the environment

The Blue Angel certificate designates environmentally friendly furniture that will not harm health. All moll products bear this seal.

Many consumers ask: “What can you still buy without worrying?” Because whatever you buy, you indirectly decide on the stress to the water, earth and air — and even to your own health. The Blue Angel helps you make an ecologically sound purchase decision and to recognize healthy, environmentally friendly products.

The Blue Angel guarantees that the products and services meet the highest environmental, health and usage requirements. The assessment considers the entire lifecycle. For each product group, criteria are drawn up, and products must meet them to bear the Blue Angel. To ensure the criteria keep up with technical development, the German environmental ministry examines them every three to four years.

4. Environment & Sustainability

moll is future - environment & sustainability


moll’s intention is to prevent as much as possible any negative environmental effects that are caused by its business activities. The applicable environmental laws and regulations are followed in their entirety.


moll products are an interplay of ecology, economics and ergonomics. We don’t want to reduce the utility of our products due to our conduct in production. We are convinced that a product can only really be good if it comes about in a good way.

​Our sustainable conduct is also verified by several independent external institutes. moll products are certified with the Blue Angel, the FSC seal and the GS symbol. Certifications that reassure our customers in their decision.

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5. Durability

moll is perfect in detail, durability, quality & design​​


Quality and design are the guarantors of our sustainability. Only the best materials and the greatest care in production ensure the lasting quality of our furniture.


The concept is designed for lifelong use and true sustainability. Made in Germany, the furniture uses premium materials that ensure durability. Thanks to its timeless design, variable dimensions and interchangeable elements, the furniture outlasts the user’s changing preferences, while its functional components always keep it ergonomic. We manufacture exclusively in Germany. This ensures quality, jobs and adherence to social and ecological standards.

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