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For left- and right-handed users: the Winner Split desk that grows with your child


For years, moll has been known for perfectionism and meticulous attention to detail. It is therefore not surprising that moll presented the Winner Split, the consistent further development of the moll Winner, at the imm 2019. The moll Winner Split impresses with its split table top, the highest quality of workmanship and maximum individualisation.

Split table top for the perfect ergonomic posture

Which part of the table top should be tilted depends on the handiness.If the desk is used by a left-handed person, the tabletop should be mounted so that the tiltable part is on the right. The left part of the table top serves as a storage surface on which all important things like watercolour box, books, notebooks and writing utensils are stored and thus cannot fall down despite the inclined table top.

The Winner Split is also ideal for right-handed people: The tiltable table top is attached on the left – after dismantling, it can be easily changed at any time, so that the table can be converted from a right-handed desk into a desk for left-handed people at any time.

The children’s desk is available in the surface decors white, oak and maple.

Very easy height adjustment

The “Comfort” height adjustment patented by moll allows infinitely variable height adjustment by simply pulling the yoyo. In this way, the children’s desk can be adjusted to body heights of 1.20 m to 2.00 m without effort. The correct adjustment of the desk height can be checked at any time on the foot frame by means of a scale printed on the foot rail. This allows the height of the desk to be individually adjusted from 52 to 83 cm.

For comparison: most dining room tables have a height of 72 to 75 cm. This means that the moll children’s desk can be set even higher at 83 cm.The side parts have a modern shape and plastic elements in modern, light grey.

Safe for Children; Rounded Corners

The front corners of the table top have ergonomically rounded edges and prevent children from bumping into each other at the corner of the table.

The perfect children’s desk at a glance:Infinitely variable height adjustment thanks to patented “Comfort” height adjustment

Continuously tiltable table top up to 18° for lifting – braked lowering adjustablesuitable for both right- and left-handed users

What Extras are included?

  • Colour applications and colour stripes in 6 colours included
  • Bookend transparent includedBag hook included
  • Durable melamine resin coated desk top
  • Magnetic slip guard with ruler and magnifying glass included
  • Dimensions: 120×70 cm

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Moll Winner Split Desk - Oak

  • Color Specifications

    • Table top: Oak
    • Accent Colors (on yoyo & drawer): Choose between Green, Pink, Orange, Blue, Black & Red. (6 decorative accent colors for free, change anytime)


    • 120 × 70 cm
    • Width Winner Split 116 cm, with 76 cm tilt adjustable
    • Depth 70 cm
    • Height 53-82 cm

    Weight 39 kg

    Adjustment Options:

    • Table height adjustment
    • Table reclination adjustment

    Accessories at every table including:

    • Transparent bookend
    • Magnetic slide-off barrier with ruler and magnifying glass
    • bag hooks
    • Giant Drawer

     – Quality made in Germany! | 5 Years Warranty





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Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD)
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53 Lot 3 & 5
Jakarta – 12190


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