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EST. 2020

Your Everyday Comfort Food By Chef AB


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Chapter 01/


A traditional Chinese everyday breakfast and lunch. A dry egg noodle topped with herbal boiled eggs, caramelized chicken chunks, roasted sweet char siu (pork), mix vegetables of beansprouts and choy sum, made special with AB’s Chilli sauce. Complimented with AB’s clear broth soup.


Contains: Pork

Price / pax:

IDR. 34.000

AB WEBSITE MENU - Nasi gurih ayam rica.j

Chapter 04/

Nasi Gurih Ayam Rica

An Indonesian classic delicacy made famous in Jakarta. Steamed aromatic rice infused in coconut milk together with lemongrass and cloves), Topped with spicy rica shreded chicken, fried vermicelli, prawn fritters and omelette. Oh! And it comes with sayur asam soup as well! 

Contains: Prawn & Eggs

Price / pax:

IDR. 39.000

AB WEBSITE MENU - char kway teow.jpg

Chapter 02/

Char Kway Teow

AB's Signature. A very unique classic south-east asian styled char kway teow. A semi-wet-fried kway teow / flat rice noodle topped with stir-fried fresh prawns and fish balls cutlets fried together with AB’s Special red sauce and topped with garnish and AB's special crunches.

Contains: Seafood & Pork

Price / pax:

IDR. 34.000

AB WEBSITE MENU - Fish Shao Mai.jpg

Chapter 03/

Fish Shao Mai

An Indonesian classic delicacy made famous in Bandung. A steam fish dumpling made fresh topped and served with AB's special peanut sauce, sweet soy sauce, chili sauce and a dash of fresh lime juice. 

10 pcs /box; Steamed potatoes, tofu, shaomai, shaomai with egg filling.

Contains: Seafood and Peanut

Price / pax:

IDR. 50.000

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Gw puas... Iya puas udah nyobain makanan dari nih... Ini pas unboxing aj aroma nya dah bikin iler nya ngeces kemana2. Disini gw coba 3 menu nya Char Siu Mi, Shao Mai dan Red Chili Prawn Char Kway Teow.

Pertama dari mie nya ini enak baik dari aroma maupun rasanya... Gw demen sama taste nya yang asin gurih ny pas di lidah.

Trus ada Siomay nya... Jadi ini tipe siomay pada umum nya ada yang bulat, panjang, kol, kentang dan tahu... Yang gw paling suka itu bumbu kacang ny bener2 enak... Ini udah di cocol gw emut bumbu nya trus cocol2 lagi... Mantep deh nih siomay...

Dan yg trakhir ada kwetiau nya... Dari topping ny ini ga pelit karna udang ny cukup banyak... Cuman ga usah takut kepedesan karna pedes nya masih nyantai... Jadi yg ga kuat pedes masih bisa enjoy makan nya...

— Kelvin T, @jktfoodmap

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-27 at

Of all noodle there is, kway teow is my most favourite. My kway teow has to be soft yet chewy and a bit mushy (not too dry) and I get all of that in this dish.

The topping is very generous with a perfect amount of veggies. The potion itself is also perfect for one good meal, not too much and not too less. The key is not to share it with anyone else. Lol.

For me the seasoning is just perfect, creating a very well-balanced taste. It's a little bit spicy and I like it although it means my dad can't eat it but my sister wants it even spicier. I guess I'm just the one in the middle, just like my older in the siblingship :P



— Eko W, @champnova


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