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Norwegian Ergonomic Excellence

The HÅG Futu chair is a high-performance task chair that helps you stay alert and focused. Because of its streamlined dimensions, it also seamlessly blends into any working environment. Its soft-furnished look hides the fact that it's packed full of precision engineering and highly ergonomic.


Made in Norway

Each HÅG Futu chair is precision engineered and then hand-crafted and assembled with great care by one of the many skilled technicians at HÅG factory in Røros, Norway. This historic town has been the home of HÅG since 1957.

Over the years, They've become a major part of the community. HÅG is proud to be made up of such a dedicated team of designers, engineers and other valued colleagues.


Ergonomic Excellence

The HÅG Futu chair is one of the most perfect blends of affordability, exceptional Norwegian manufacturing quality and heaps of movement - both forwards tilting and backwards.

Learn more about ergonomics at HÅLLNING and how the HÅG Futu chair benefits your overall wellbeing.



Pioneering in real ergonomics, since 2002

"Providing you with the best ergonomic solutions for human's life"



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Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD)

South Jakarta

Official whatsapp: 08118207302

Instagram: @hallning

Tokopedia: hallningsound


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