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Indonesia Mattress Dimensions & Size Guide

Choosing the perfect mattress can be a daunting task, especially when you’re moving into a new stage of your life. Having slept on mattresses before, you now have a rough idea of which mattress would suit your sleeping habits.


To better understand mattresses

The type of thickness, material and firmness all play a huge part in your sleep health. After all, a third of your life is spent sleeping on your beds, so choosing the perfect one is a huge decision.

To better understand mattresses, we must first learn their names. Mattresses have different names or commonly known as sizes around the world. Depending on which part of the world you live in, mattress names will be used differently in the local stores. Many of us still prefer to buy our mattresses in stores, so it would really help for you to know what the names of your mattresses are.


Mattress sizes

Mattresses comes in a variety of sizes and varies across the globe. When planning the size of your bed frame, bear in mind the mattress sizes and bed length. Mattress dimensions are different to match the needs of the local population around the world. For example, in Asia, the general population is much smaller than Europeans and Americans. As a result, mattress sizes are correspondingly slightly smaller. We’ve created a nifty and useful guide for mattress sizes in cm and inches that will help you make better decisions.

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Learn about Indonesian Mattress Sizes

Interestingly enough, even within Asia, mattress sizes varies. In Indonesia, these are the general mattress sizes used. Mattress lengths are generally about 200cm, with the width varying depending on the mattress size.



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