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A proper ergonomic study-station for your children

Here at Hållning, we emphasize the importance of having proper ergonomics especially for children. That is because, children are still growing and we need to give them the best for their growing development. #childrenergonomics



A key factor in preventing spine or back pain is by staying healthy. Overall wellness is a combination of a balanced diet, appropriate exercise and physical activity, restful sleep and a proper workstation while working on studying.

The workstation needs to be the right size for the kids. Today, we wanted to share some solution for parents to be able to help their children in developing a healthy spine habit which will aid in preventing back pain from developing as children gets older.


An Ergonomic Study Chair for Children

Children benefit from healthy seating arrangements because it starts the good habits early and prevents future sitting problems translated into their potential careers.

Introducing you to the Maximo Chair.

The Maximo chair from moll grows not only with the kids but it also offers three adjustments in order to customize it to the individual height and proportions. So kids not only sit comfortably at any time but also all criteria of ergonomics are fulfilled. It prevents back pain and promotes healthy sitting. #mollmaximo


An Ergonomic Study desk for your children

Many tasks of your kids often lead to the problem that when the tabletop is in a straight pisition, kids has to bend forward and thus bend their back. But when it is tilted, the table top is coming towards your child and gives him or her the opportunity to work in an upright posture.

With Winner-split dek, from moll, it is possible to change the height, width, lemgth, format and inclination. In such a way it will keep you child from getting stuck with a desk that is wat too small for them.


Movement makes you smart

By nature, children are made for movement. Movement is the engine of children's development. Parents should always ensure that children have the opportunity to move.

Healthy Development required activity everyday. Biking, climbing stairs, doing chores at home or in the yard, walking to daycare or school and etc, don't take much effort, but they are important in promoting movement fro physical and mental development.


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