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Used to be known as Cinema & Sound, since 2009

Re-branded to HÅLLNING Sound


HÅLLNING Sound acts as a consultant for Home Theatre, Karaoke System and Home / Corporate based projects. Providing a wide range of Sound & Visual ergonomic solutions/products with advanced technology and quality. Each of our brands has its own unique identity, and their own stories to tell.



Used to be known as Cinema & Sound

Re-branded to HÅLLNING Sound (Since 2018)

Started as a hobby and music & audio-visual enthusiast since 1990, HÅLLNING Sound (Previously known for Cinema & Sound) was founded in 2009 which focused on being professional consultants for Home-theatre systems and professional karaoke Sound system.


We always believe a sound that is well designed with the right professional systems and equipment will produce beautiful sounds that are not only able to bring emotions, moods but also an increment in productivity to the people who listen to them. Along with the development of the era, and the community's awareness to the quality of music, combined with a smart systems technology and an efficient, modern and practical lifestyle, we are now known as Hallning Sound that presents to meet all these solutions and requirements for you.

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Some of our projects that we have worked on besides residentials are: Karaoke, Club & Bars in Jakarta, Basic Instinct Restaurant Jakarta, Honda Autoland Jakarta, Seek Sneakers Shop Pacific Place, Swissbell hotel Pangkalanbun, Aston hotel Pontianak, Foundation 6 Brothers & Many more ...


Visit us and let us help you in providing solutions that are not only sound or look good but to meet the needs that you are looking for. Experience an advanced karaoke, home theatre and lighting control systems like no other in our showroom at Pacific Place Mall, Level 2.

Brands We Carry



Pacific Place Mall, 2nd Floor No. 73

Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD)
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53 Lot 3 & 5
Jakarta – 12190


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